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Our smartphone app connects customers on-demand with service providers and businesses as they go.

In cities where TaGo operates, simply type in your required service need and the most closely located providers and businesses at that moment will appear as results.

You can contact them in the app, as well as send a request.

When the nearby provider or business accepts your request, your app displays an estimated time of arrival for the provider heading to your desired service location.

Your app notifies you when the provider is 30 minutes away, 15 minutes away, and finally about to arrive. Learn more below.

  • Step1

    Open the app and type the service needed

    Enter the service or type of business needed into the search box on the top left of the screen. The app will automatically show you all available providers and businesses in your proximity. You can also search for providers or businesses in another location, specifying the address.

  • Step2

    You are matched with providers-businesses

    Tap on a service provider or business, and their business card will open. Learn more about them. See their distance, view pictures, read TaGo, Google, and Yelp reviews and ratings, etc.

  • Step3

    Send an appointment request to the service provider-business

    Select time and location for the appointment, and add pictures or videos if you'd like. Tap send request.

  • Step4

    Selected provider sees and chooses to accept your request

    You are automatically notified when the provider accepts your request, and if it is an urgent appointment – 30 minutes or less – you can see the provider driving to the convened location, and will be notified when the provider’s vehicle is 30 minutes away, 15 minutes away, and finally, about to arrive.

  • Step5

    Service provider starts the work

    You and the provider verify each other’s information and then the provider starts the work.

  • Step6

    The provider finishes the work, and you both leave ratings and reviews

    When the work is complete and you are satisfied, the service provider generates an invoice and you pay using the in-app payment option or cash.

    At the end, you and providers can rate each other from 1 to 5 stars. You can also type reviews. In cities where tipping is available, you can also add a little extra to show your gratitude.

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Learn Your Benefits
  • Hire On-Demand Service Provider As You Go

    With 1-Tap - Find closest moving and stationary providers in the vicinity.

  • Feel the Freedom

    Go for a run or coffee and get notifications when the service provider is 30 minutes away, 15 minutes away, and finally, about to arrive, eliminating the 4-hour window trap.

  • Quote Made Intelligently Different

    Get remote estimates via Augmented Reality Video Conference.

  • Hire and Book Safely

    Background-Checked Providers and Businesses plus TaGo, Google and Yelp reviews. Upon arrival of your provider, check his/her identity from your smartphone.

  • Pay Less And Do More

    We don’t charge fees and don't take commissions from providers or businesses. TaGo guarantees the best service and a long-term customer-provider relationship.

  • Love It and Keep It

    In-app customer-provider payment. No hidden or additional fees.

  • Broad Reach

    All your needs, professional services, goods and businesses in one app.

  • Wherever You Need It

    Search for a provider or business for yourself, a relative, or a friend. Choose the service location to be at your home, your current position on-the-go, provider’s current position on-the-go, provider's business location, or even in another city.


Learn Your Benefits
  • Earnings Boosted - No Middlemen

    Why do you have to pay up to 40% in commissions to get a job? No CPC │ No CPM │ No CPL │ No Bidding │No more $2K bills resulting from fake leads.

  • Geo-Based Leads

    Get a client on-the-go and the next one nearby. Save driving time in your vehicle, and save money, fuel and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Transparent and Affordable Fixed Plans

    Monthly Subscription Plans for Pros and Business Owners. Up to 40% discounts for long-term subscriptions. No penalties. Benefits for renewals.

  • Stand Out and Quote Before Start Driving

    Talk to clients via AR video | See the problem from afar | Send estimate.

  • Let Clients Track You & Boost Customer Satisfaction

    Customers don’t have to wait between 12PM & 4PM anymore.

  • Get Paid in the App

    Secure deposit and get paid instantly.

  • 1 or 5 Skills

    Pay the same to be found for up to 5 skills. Unlike competitors, with TaGo, providers can be found as a Painter, Plumber, Contractor, etc.

  • Multiply Your Customer Range by 10

    Now your business can be found in 2 different locations at the same time. You will come up on searches around your main office and as you drive around the city.

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