Mario Panizza

CEO & Founder

Mario Panizza is the CEO of TaGo, where he manages a company that aims to change the way of finding solutions to the immediate needs of millions of people and to create a significant change on the local economies, delivering opportunities to millions of entrepreneurs, independent pros and small businesses. He leads a team of over 20 experts located in 4 countries.

Mario is a former Microsoft Director with 30 years of experience in IT and business. At Microsoft, he generated more than $200 M in IT contracts and worked as direct IT advisor to large corporations during complex innovation processes. Mario spearheaded the adoption of mobile, cloud and business analytic solutions for business and financial departments. As a Senior Team Investment Leader for the EU, he was responsible for planning $100M in funding in more than 20 countries. Mario lived in 17 different countries and occupied several executive and operative positions around the globe. As senior UN HQ advisor, Mario was honored for authoring the 1st in the UN history Public Sector Reform Policy. Mario received the Honor Award Medal from the US Special Forces Officers Course among 5,000 candidates, in addition to Honor Awards from among others, the US and Brazil’s Governments, personal letters from top US officials and the top 10 Microsoft leadership award.