We bring satisfaction

by connecting the two worlds in motion

Great things happen when people can solve their problems and find a solution as close as 10 minutes away. TaGo is proud to be the first 1-Tap On-Demand On-The-Go Marketplace solution.

TaGo instantly connects service providers (e.g. home repair, dog walkers, etc.) and businesses (SMBs) with millions of consumers.

Our philosophy is particularly driven by having the opportunity to generate more business opportunities for those who never had the opportunity to gain visibility within a very competitive ecosystem.

With 1-Tap providers and businesses become live and visible on a map as they move around town, easily accessible to consumers to hire them for work.

Far Beyond a hire

or 1-stop shop

In addition to helping you get the most reputed professionals to the doorstep of your house, office, beach party or wherever you may need them, we're working to provide the best self-service technology and omnichannel experience, helping companies and independent professionals to ensure business sustainability and a seamless business-to-customer and business-to-business experience.

TaGo provides the new way of satisfying people's needs and boosting business opportunities.